Speedway Towing, Auto Service in Gallup, NM

RepairSpeedway Towing will tow any type of vehicle, big or small. We offer many services including muffler and exhaust services, catalytic converter services, custom pipe bending, and of course, towing. Our shop also has new and used parts of many varieties available along with lockout service. With 24/7 emergency service available, we will be there if you break down. We can also deliver gas and diesel if you run out on the road. We have on site load shifts and a forklift available. We will also tow any abandoned car if you call it in.

Speedway Towing works with customers in Zuni, Grants, and Rio Rancho as well, reaching out to the Four Corners. We’ve been in business for 28 years, so our experienced staff knows how to help you with several auto problems. We want to get you home when you get stranded on the road. Our tow truck drivers can give you a ride home and tow your vehicle to our facility or auto shop of your choice. We’ve done big rig and 18 wheeler towing and have loading docks available. Stop in or call today to find out how we can help you.

Speedway Towing | 545 Allison RD • Gallup NM 87301 | Phone: 505-863-3775 | Email: speedwaywr@gmail.com