Speedway Towing, Auto Service in Gallup, NM

TowingSpeedway Towing offers extensive towing services for cars, trucks, SUVs, and tractor/trailers. We will tow your car after an accident, bringing it to a safe and secure lot until it can be fixed. Our facilities have the heavy equipment to tow large buses, motor homes, and semi-trucks. If you’re carrying a large load and you break down on the road, we can do a load transfer from one trailer to another. We can also carry any equipment you were hauling on our flatbed trailers. If you had a boat, bicycle, or other small vehicle attached to your trailer hitch, we’ll make sure we get them safely towed along with your car.

TowingOur towing services also include relocation, in which you can call us to remove unwanted vehicles from your driveway. Get rid of that junk car to make room for your new one. If you are a business owner and there are cars parked illegally in your parking lot, we can come and remove them. Speedway Towing also tows for major auto clubs, bringing multiple vehicles to and from an event or to your dealership. Our roadside assistance covers jump starts, tire changes, winching, and lockouts which may provide an alternative for towing your vehicle. Our team is available for emergency service 24/7. Our forklift is available for special situations and to move vehicles and equipment safely.

Speedway Towing | 545 Allison RD • Gallup NM 87301 | Phone: 505-863-3775 | Email: speedwaywr@gmail.com